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The implementation of the latest socio-cultural and technological program "InJam-Lens" will inevitably lead to global civilizational changes, will change the way of life of earthlings on the basis of the discovery of new models of lifestyle with self-reproduction of the meanings of life creation.
Tono Bolevi, InoCont
"Be realistic - demand the impossible!"
Any project should serve as a demonstration of new meanings. Habitation of Mars and other objects of deep space should open to all inhabitants of the planet Earth new socio-cultural meanings. Such a radical move, as the beginning of habitation of Mars is possible in the special moral and ethical imperatives and without prejudice to the technical and economic efficiency.

This is - the search for solutions that are adequate to the future. The future certainly more far transcending "simple" getting person to the Red Planet.

Humanity must fasten more eyes on the objects of the Solar system. It is important to do
immediately in order to prevent the destruction of his own in the global war on Earth.

Any initiative for the organization of life on Mars has a high value that is intended to evoke a close attention to the circumstances in which humans live for yourself. So we should be able to identify the best of what they are capable people of the planet Earth, and to understand what we are as humans.

Submitted a project entitled "InJam-Lens" provides a description of the model and the main parameters of the first settlement of life for the 1000 to earthlings the planet Mars in "as is" in the 2050s. The generation that will be born at the end of the current era of space exploration, to the middle of the XXI century is destined to become the successors already promising ideas of a newparadigm of space exploration - planetonautics.

In general, the authors of this project see it as their task to present a harmonious, technically achievable and sustainable plan, the first phase of the complex architecture of the human community Mission release beyond Earth's cradle. Critical to this moral and ethical imperatives lie in the culture of collective decision-making - the missions and strategies of life. In this - the success of the adoption of a systematic and balanced solutions that would meet all the programmatic, functional and erformance requirements for the long term.

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